Evelyn Brannon studied art with John Argyle King in her teens, minored in art at Auburn University, and has attended workshops with Francis Donald (Taos, NM), Virginia Vaughn and Craig Reynolds in plein air painting (Gadsden, AL), and Terry Strickland (Gadsden, AL).  She is currently studying with Terry Strickland (terrystricklandart.com) at Forstall Art Center, Birmingham, AL. 

Evelyn received her Ph.D. in media research (University of Tennessee, Knoxville) and Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in fashion design (Auburn University).  She worked as an editor for a New York publishing company and a special-interest magazine, an Extension Service specialist, and a college professor teaching and conducting research on entrepreneurship, fashion forecasting, consumer behavior, and apparel design.  She is the author of two college textbooks:  Fashion Forecasting (3rd edition, 2010) and Designer’s Guide to Fashion Apparel (2011), both for Fairchild Books, a division of Conde Nast, NY.


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